Basics of Graphoanalysis


Characteristics of height of t-stems, placement of t-bars on or near t-stems, and of i-dots near i letters, writing slant, loops in d and t and above-or-below -the-base-line letters, hooks or curls in round letters and beginning or coming out of words . . . of certain cursively-written alphabet letters disclose various personality or character traits, which can be manifested for righteousness or wickedness, such as pride, clannishness, vanity, independence, loyalty, deceit, desire for attention, sarcasm, under-self-estimation, generosity, caution, impulsiveness, love of music and intuitiveness, temper, irritability, domineering, procrastination, concentration, rhythm, gullibility or broadmindedness, aggressiveness, quick to catch on, analytical, egocentricity, idiosyncrysies, practicality, acquisitiveness, imagination, sensitivity to criticism, and much more.


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